Tom Ferguson Fine Art Photography

Toys Portfolio

clown kallitype

Copyright © 2003 by Tom Ferguson

stuffed toys kallitype

Copyright © 2002 by Tom Ferguson

three toy soldiers

Copyright © 2000 by Tom Ferguson

chess men kallitype

Copyright © 1998 by Tom Ferguson

toy dinosaurs

Copyrighted © 2001 by Tom Ferguson

propeller head duck

Copyrighted © 2003 by Tom Ferguson

toy dogs kallitype

Copyrighted © 2003 by Tom Ferguson

American Indian Corn Doll

Copyrighted © 2003 by Tom Ferguson

Fine Art Photography

angels kallitype photograph

There is no denying it, pure nostalgia drives this series! I was wandering at the Quartsite Arizona swap meet one winter and found a table of "Real Kodak Large Format Lenses" for $15US. Oddly, they didn't say "Kodak" anywhere on them, came without a shutter and looked to be built with only two glass elements. Who could resist? Whatever the lens is, the off axis distortion was so fun that I just had to find a subject for the lens, and the "Toys Portfolio" was born. All of the images in the Toys Portfolio are printed in Kallitype onto cotton cloth, rather than paper.