metro link subway gum print

Copyright © 1995 by Tom Ferguson

Metro Link #1
These are suspended sculpture pieces in an underground train station. The guards kicked me out minutes after making this exposure, quite unhappy with my setting up a tripod in the complex.


Technical Info

Camera: Pentax 67 medium format
Lens: 55mm
Film: Kodak EPN enlarged onto
Ilford 11x14 HP-5 Plus film
Paper: Lana Watercolor
Paper sizing: Gelatin and Gloyoxal
Chemistry: First coat: Bostick and Sullivan palladium
Second coat: Blue gum
Third coat: Red gum

Print Info

Gum over Palladium Photograph
Edition of 25
11x14 inches, matted to 16x20 inches

Purchase Options

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$450 unframed. Metro Rail #1 is available for purchase online with your credit card. Just click the "Go to Store" button. Most other images are also available for purchase. Please send an email for additional information.

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