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cobra lilies

Cobra Lilies

Copyright © 1993 by Tom Ferguson

Cobra Lilies

Cobra Lilies are such fascinating flowers. Along with the interesting shape, they are carnivorous. They eat bugs. I made this image while simply enjoying the lines and tones of the flowers. My wife insists that there is a deeper meaning. She calls this one "family feud" and insists it represents husband and wife arguing about the teenager. A common occurrence in my home during 1993!

Print Info

Palladium Platinum Photograph
Edition of 25, currently 4 sold
11x14 inches, matted to 16x20 inches

Technical Info

Camera: Burke and Camera 11x14
Lens: 250mm Wollensak Convertible
Film: HP-5 Plus
Film Development: Plus 1
Paper: Cranes Platinotype Warm
Chemistry: Bostick and Sullivan